Hi There!

So… Here we are! I’ve finally started my own travel blog. And I’m writing down my very first post for this blog! Somehow I feel like this First Post should be special or at least something you would find interesting. I hope I don’t disappoint.

I’m super excited and kinda nervous about this as I’ve never done anything related to blogging (other than a Tumblr account I had before which I used to browse funny GIFs. That doesn’t count!). So bear with me as I get the gears oiled and pistons firing.

The reason I have decided to start this blog was due to a conversation I had with my family during our trip days before I posted this. My sister somehow brought up a post she saw on Facebook about a Little Girl asking her Mom to tell her stories about her Grandma (Mom’s mom) and somehow the Mom ran out of stories to tell her. Thinking about this made me decide to document my adventures that way I don’t forget my own adventures and be able to share this with my kids and grand-kids in the future.

Just a little something about me

  • I’m your typical Filipino guy who emigrated from the Philippines to Canada through the hard work of my awesome mom.
  • I have a very beautiful girlfriend ❤️❤️❤️ (PS she wanted me to add it or else she’ll beat me up. Hi Janelle!!!)
  • I love taking pictures so expect to see lots of pictures on my posts!
  • I like working on my car during my free time as a way to de-stress. Car wash, Modifications, Detailing, you name it!
  • I play the guitar and I play at my church on Sundays. This is something I’ve been doing since high school to give glory and praise to God.
  • I have a very cute and very gentle dog named Twinkle!

Alrighty! That’s it for now! see you on the next post!


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