Paris – Amsterdam Trip – Day 1 (Paris)

Paris: City of Love

When I told my co-workers I’m going to Paris for a week, the first thing they ask is if I’m going with my girlfriend. To this, I laughed and told them that I will be going with my family for an adventure to Paris and what better people to bring to the city of love than the first people you’ve loved in your life.

For this adventure, we spent a couple of days in Paris and met up with family I’ve never met before / met long time ago and it’s the best experience ever. I’ll add more details about this later. After Paris, we went to Amsterdam for a couple more days then head back to Paris to head back to Toronto.

I’ll be detailing down the Days we spent in Paris and Amsterdam and I’m planning to have a thread for each day. For now, I’ll summarize it here then once a post is available, I’ll be updating the links.

Day 1: Paris

We arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Christian, my cousin who lived in Paris for 7 years, picked us up at the airport. And helped us reach our AirBNB. I was a bit groggy as I didn’t have much sleep so it did not occur to me to take a picture. (Please stay with me even if there aren’t pictures for this part 😶).

After we arrived at our AirBNB (around Rue Saint-Sauver), we did not waste any time and we started planning how we can spearhead every known Paris Landmark. We’re very thankful to have Christian help us plan as we were able to see more than what we planned for. I will be detailing every landmark / place we went to so that you can use it to plan for your trip to Paris, too!

First Stop: Lunch

First thing we did was to buy our own Sim Card. We went to Le Havane and bought us a €25 SFR sim card that includes 2GB of data. It has call minutes and  unlimited texts (but who cares about that, right?). This was the best Sim Card deal we could find at the time. We headed to a local Italian pizza place to recharge, have lunch and pretty much take our first rest in Paris before we headed out to start our adventure. To be honest, that was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had. I wish I remember the name of the place so I can link it here.

After Lunch

(PICTURES!! 🎊 YAY 🎊) We walked towards our first stop which is the L’église Saint-Eustache; a catholic church with Gothic-style architecture. I guess you could say it’s worth taking your camera out for. We stayed around for a bit to take some pictures and we started heading towards Sacré-Cœur. Of course, heading over there means taking more pictures. We had to take the Métro to reach Sacré-Cœur

Sacré-Cœur – Basilica of the Sacred Heart

When we got there, Christian asked us if we would like to take the “easy” way up. Of course with our tired, and jet lagged state, we said, “Yes” to the easy way. 300 STEPS going up to the Basilica is the EASY way guys. There’s also an elevator/cable car going up, but where’s the fun in that? (Take the cable car if you need to, btw). The hard one was going through the grassy area and zig-zag your way up to the Basilica. Going up the stairs is well worth it. After we reached the entrance point, we were gifted with beautiful architecture and scenery

We went inside but we didn’t really go up to the dome because, 1. we’re tired, 2. there’s a long line up and 3. we’re tired. We walked down Rue du Chevalier de la Barre and stopped by one of the local crêperies there to gather our strength and generate energy… by that I mean eat dessert.

We continued our adventure by walking to the bus stop that would take us to Trocadéro. More pictures as we went to the bus stop! If you noticed by now, even if we’re not on known landmarks, Paris is just so nice to take pictures at. Anywhere you point your camera will get you very nice Instagram-able pictures.

At this point, we bought us a bunch of Métro Tickets to save some money.  And trust me, Metro is the best and fastest way to get around Paris. Forget about taking the Taxi / Uber.

  • 1 Métro Ticket = €1,90
  • 10 Métro Tickets = €14,90


This marks our last stop of the day. It’s almost dinner time and we’re greatly affected by the time difference (6hrs difference from Toronto). By this time we’re exhausted and in need of sleep. We went there to take some pictures of / with the Eiffel Tower and bought some pretty cheap souvenirs to take home. You can get 5 pcs. of tiny Eiffel Tower key chains for €1. There’s a lot of vendors who sell souvenirs at that price so don’t worry if you missed your chance. You’ll have other encounters with these vendors all through out key areas in Paris.

At this time, we parted ways with Christian and we headed back to our AirBNB and had some Pho on the way home.

End of Day 1

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