Paris – Amsterdam Trip – Day 2 (Paris)

Day 2: Paris

Alright, we’re now in Day 2 in Paris. Just a heads up… this is gonna be the longest post for this trip! This is the day where I almost reached 30,000 steps in one day. Please stay with me till the end! 😀

Also, you can use this as a guide if you have limited number of days when you stay in Paris

As mentioned on my previous post I will keep a list of links that will allow you to navigate through my different posts. So, if you’ve missed Day 1, please check it out first before reading through Day 2! 😁

Early Start

Our second day started really early because my awesome sister is going to her first day of school at… LE CORDON BLEU!!!

Going to Le Cordon Bleu, From our Airbnb we took Line 4 (Étienne Marcel - Odéon) and Line 10 (Odéon - Javel - André Citroën)

One suggestion I had was to add tips and our transportation details and I’ll try to add as much as I could remember and hopefully it could help you get an Idea how to get around 😀

I wont write much about this because I know she will write about it herself. I will link it here once I get permission from her. Really proud of her! If you’re from Toronto, you can order some customized cakes and desserts for any occasion! Check her website here.

EDIT: I’d also like to note that right in front of this building is the river Seine and from there you’ll see the Paris Version of the Statue of Liberty

So now, while my sister is in class we met up with my Aunt, Tita Mabel, and we walked up to Parc du Champ-de-Mars to kill some time. And of course… we took pictures.

We stayed there for a while and pretty much rested again as we still haven’t recovered from our flight. We pretty much caught up with each others stories and then we headed back to Beaugrenelle, a mall near Le Cordon Bleu. We decided to wait for my sister to finish her class as we did not want to explore other places without her. We had lunch at a Chipotle on that mall.

Class is done. Time for an Adventure

We decided to go back to our Airbnb to drop off some books and yummy desserts my sister brought from school (yes, I tried it. If i wasn’t full I would have finished it). This is the perfect time to refill our water bottles and, boy, was I glad I did that.

Going to our Airbnb, From Beaugrenelle we took Line 10 (André Citroën - Odéon) and then Line 4 (Odéon - Étienne Marcel)

Some of us waited at the station (Étienne Marcel) to save some tickets while my sister dropped off her stuff back at the Airbnb. At this time Christian is done work and have met with my sister at the Airbnb.

Once we’re grouped up, we took the Métro and started heading over to

Arc de Triomphe

Since we're already inside the Métro, we took Line 4 (Étienne Marcel - Châtelet) then Line 1 (Châtelet - Charles de Gaulle – Étoile)

We decided to start at Paris’ main roundabout. This is one heck of a roundabout. I get dizzy just watching the cars try to go in and get out. Nobody seemed to hit anything / anyone when we we’re there.

After taking pictures, we proceeded with this plan: walk along Champs-Élysées where most of the main landmarks can be seen.

Tip: There aren't much washrooms/toilets in Paris. At this point, if you see the Galerie Des Champs / McDonalds on the way, go and use their washroom. Next Paid washroom is in 2.7km from the Arc

Grand Palais and a peek of Les Invalides

As we’re walking, to our right, we saw Grand Palais; where multiple events are being held, and Les Invalides; where Napoleon Bonaparte was buried. We’ll have a closer look at Les Invalides for Day 3

Place de la Concorde

After a few more minutes of walking we were able to reach the Place de la Concorde where the Egyptian Luxor Obelisk and Fontaine des Mers are situated. These are some Landmarks you’ll see by the end of Champs-Élysées. 

Jardin des Tuileries

After crossing the street from Place de la Concorde we were able to reach the gate leading up to Jardin des Tuileries. 

Tip: there's a paid washroom once you enter the gate for €0,80. Better to use it now as it's one of the cleanest washrooms I've ever been at for this day

The garden was beautiful and quite huge. You can see a lot of people just relaxing and taking in the sun. I’ve also noticed a number of people just lying and sitting on the grass just to enjoy the day. According to Tita and Christian, this is how Parisians spend their free time.

You may have guessed our next destination from the pictures above…

Pyramide du Louvre

If you guessed right then here’s a digital cookie for you (yay) If not… I don’t know what to say. One thing I did not get to take a picture of is the Mini Arc de Triomphe you’ll walk through going to the Louvre.

The Mini Arc de Triomphe is another place where you will see vendors selling cheap souvenirs

The Louvre is probably one of the famous landmarks in Paris that everyone knows about. It houses a few famous paintings like Mona Lisa. We decided not to go inside because we would like to see as much landmarks as we could and we know that going inside will eat up the rest of our day.

Snack Break

At this Point, our legs were really sore and in need of rest. Plus my sister’s craving coffee. We decided to go to Cafe du Musee which is just at the corner of Rue de Rivoli and Rue du Louvre. Their coffees are amazing and their serving portion is very generous. The staff is really nice and kind so I really recommend that you guys stop by to take a rest.

Hôtel de Ville and Notre-Dame

We ended our sightseeing by going to Hôtel de Ville and Notre-Dame. Hôtel de Ville is one of Paris’ city halls. They have a city hall per district (20 districts in total). Notre-Dame is another Basillica which would be familiar to you if you’ve watched “Hunchback of Notre-Dame”. If you head upstairs you’ll see a bell and right beside it would be Quasimodo’s bed. At this point we did not go upstairs because (you guessed it) our feet hurt hahaha.

Dinner Time

For Dinner, we wanted to experience French cuisine… because you know… Paris… France… Since we’re around the area, Christian took us to the Latin Quarter or also known as the Student district. This area pretty much has everything that a student needs like bookstores, art supplies, and Schools/Universities clumped in one District. Best part of this district is their Student-Budget meals.

We went to La Petite Hostellerie. It’s a French Cuisine Restaurant with 2-floors and very small floor space. They offer a 3-course meal at a cheap price. How cheap? They have a wide range of appetizers, main course and desserts for only â‚¬10! they also have a â‚¬15 menu but I found the â‚¬10 to be good enough for me. I had the Burgundy Beef  for my main and I must say, it’s really soft and the taste is rich.

That is it for Day 2! Thank you so much for sticking till the end! Hopefully you can use this itinerary for your trip to Paris


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