In-Flight Entertainment

Here we are again with another set of tips :D! This time, let’s talk about In-Flight Entertainment. For the past few years, multiple airlines have upgraded their In-Flight entertainment by adding much more recent movies / TV Shows and they’ve also added games on their consoles. 

I know, i know. I said previously that make sure you sleep during the flight. But sometimes, we do need something to pass the time especially if you’re flying and your destination time is morning/afternoon then you really need to stay awake.

Now that it may sound exciting and really entertaining, there are still a few caveats to the plane’s In-Flight Entertainment. I sometimes find it lacking or sometimes the movies / shows they provided, though it’s almost brand new, I’ve already watched them 🙈(yes, I love movies and my family’s past-time is watching movies ). Or sometimes I wish I brought something else to entertain me during the flight.

So without further ado, here is a list of tips I have for In-Flight Entertainment

Tips For In-flight Entertainment

  • Check whether your plane has In-Flight Entertainment: Okay… before you plan on what to use as an entertainment you’ll use during the flight, you gotta know if it has In-Flight Entertainment first. Some planes offer this for a price so be on the lookout for that.
  • Bring a nice 3.5mm Earphone: If you’re planning to use the Plane’s In-Flight Entertainment, this is something you need to ensure that you have on your personal luggage (Too young to know what that is? Here’s what it looks like). Some planes offer this for free but some you’ll have to purchase. Some Earphones that come with your phone will work. Now I said “SOME” because if you’re one of the people (me) whose smartphone lost it’s headphone jack (It used to be the little circle at the corner of your smartphone where you plug in your earphones. See list of phones that don’t have it here), then your headphone won’t work.
  • Download the Airline app: Some Airlines (like WestJet) have their “In-Flight” entertainment on their App. During the flight, you’ll be able to use their Wi-Fi to watch the movies they have available for you. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is limited access only and you wont be able to access the Internet / Social Media Apps (extra fee to access the internet). Not only that, you’ll be able to do multiple other things on their app that’s gonna help you on prepare for your flight
  • Download Movies on Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime / etc: This might be obvious to others but it never hurts to add it on this list. As mentioned on the previous tip, you’ll only have limited access to their Wi-fi, if not, no Wi-fi on-board the plane. So… you know… no internet = no streaming = no entertainment = 😦. Make sure you download a few episodes / movies before the flight
  • Bring a Phone / Tablet Stand: Now with the previous posts all concern your smart devices, why not kick it up a notch by bringing a phone/tablet stand. Trust me… this will be worth it.
  • Bring a Phone Charger / Battery Pack: Essentials. Essentials people. Make sure you check the airline’s guidelines on how big the battery pack you can bring. For Reference, I always bring a 7800mAh Battery Pack with me.
  • Bring a Neck Pillow: Sleeping is also a form of Entertainment! If you’re tired or in dire need of sleep, it’s best to just sleep the flight off.

Do you have any tips or other forms of entertainment that I may have missed? Comment below or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

— Thank you Janelle for the suggestion!


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