Paris – Amsterdam Trip – Day 3 (Paris)

Day 3: Paris

Now we’re on our third day in Paris Or, as I’d like to call it, our relaxation day. This is the day where we took it down a notch and just tried to recover from our first 2 days. Also.. this is the day where I got in trouble with Métro Control 😨😨

Again, if you have not viewed or read through Day 1 and 2, you may check it out by clicking the links below.

Late Start

As you may remember from my previous post, Day 2 was very very exhausting. Walking almost 30,000 steps definitely took a toll on me (especially my ankles). After we got home that night, I quickly washed up and dropped to my bed and woke up the next day at around 11:30am. Thankfully, my Parisian family offered to bring us brunch and we were treated to a very delicious Filipino breakfast.

After brunch, we went off again to start the day.


Look at us. so happy and very well rested 🤣🤣🤣


Going to the Panthéon we took Line 4 (Étienne Marcel - Odéon) and then Line 10 (Odéon - Cardinal Lemoin) then walked from there

Our first stop of the day is the Panthéon. According to my cousin, this is one of two greek style buildings in Paris. Originally a Church, it was transformed to a mausoleum of National Heroes like Marie Curie, Voltaire, and  Louis Braille to name a few.

We didn’t really go inside nor spend a lot of time in this area. We took some time taking pictures and looking for a place to buy cold water as it was very hot. After that we just walked to our next destination

Le Jardin et Palais du  Luxembourg

Tip: There's a McDonalds around the corner on the way from Panthéon. I would suggest using their washroom here

After a 5 minute walk, we’ve reached the gates of Le Jardin du Luxembourg which houses the Palais du Luxembourg. This is another one of ther huuuuge Parks. Families spend the day here just chilling and relaxing and if you can see from the picture above, play with their remote controlled boats on the fountain in front of the Palace. Just goes to show how much they love picnics and chillaxing on a sunny day

We decided to rest on one of the benches around Le Jardin du Luxembourg and we decided to share our stories and just laugh and have fellowship with one another. This is a perfect place to spend the day and take a break. If you’re interested, they have donkeys walking around that you can rent for a price

Also, I’d like to note that this is where Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson had a scene for Mission Impossible: Fallout

Now our next destination requires us to take the Bus. I am not too too sure about the direction or the bus number we took so I’ll be relying on Google Maps for the direction.

Les Invalides

Bus Route: Click Here

Originally, we’re actually supposed to go straight to the area where Princess Diana had died but the bus we’re riding had to take a detour and we had to step off of the bus or else we’ll be going back to the same place. This is a blessing in disguise because we’re able to visit Les Invalides. One thing that stuck to my mind when we visited this place is that Napoleon Bonaparte is buried here.

We pretty much just took quick photos and headed back to the Bus Stop to wait for the next one. I’m really impressed about their Bus Stops. They have USB ports you can plug your devices into to charge up. I wish all cities have that (*cough*TTC*cough*)

Flamme de la Liberte, Pont de l’Alma

Bus Route: Click Here

After we got here, we split up into 2 groups: Christian and Nolen (Christian’s fiancée) stayed with me and my family while Tita Mabel and Tita Inday went to get food for our picnic. Christian and Nolen then walked around the area to buy fresh baguettes, cheese, and wine (yup, that’s right… wine and cheeesee!)

On this area, we saw a replica of the Flame that’s being held by the famous Statue of Liberty (Paris Version).

If you’re wondering where the Paris Version of the Statue of Liberty is, check out Day 2 (Le Cordon Bleu).

This is also the area where Princess Diana had an unfortunate car crash. The locals have unofficially coined “The heart of Diana” as the name of the flame. They pay their respects to the late princess by dedicating flowers and memorable pictures under it. I remember that I was still in Elementary school when I heard about the news. I did not know where it was so I was actually surprised that we were going to the actual site where it happened.

This area also has a really nice view of the Eiffel Tower.


Going to Opéra from Flamme de la Liberte, we took Line 9 (Alma-Marceau - Havre-Caumartin) and then Line 3 (Havre-Caumartin - Opéra)

Now, going to Opéra we actually stepped off of the Métro a few stops early because we wanted to see the shopping malls. I noted the direct stops above that way if you decide to follow our adventure, you’ll directly reach the Opéra 

For this one, we actually decided to go inside since we have a lot of time to spare. We arrived here a few minutes past 5pm and we plan to meetup with up with everyone around 7pm. But guess what… they close at 5pm. It’s like Paris really didn’t want us to go inside its buildings LOL.

Nevertheless, it has a really beautiful facade that taking pictures of it is enough to make your trip worth it

Spoiler: We actually went back here the next day

Since it’s already closed, we just decided to head over to our rendezvous point and by this time we’re all hungry so we started munching on the baguette that Christian and Nolen bought 🤣

Back to Trocadéro

*cue The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News*

Here we are at our rendezvous point. this is the same park you can see at one of my pictures from Day 1. Similar to all the other parks we went to, you’ see a lot of people just chilling, soaking up the sun and drinking wine. The good thing about this place is that you don’t really need to bring wine because a lot of vendors are walking around selling wine.

We met up with the two Titas again and they brought KFC wings!! (yas). We pretty much hung out together and laughed together till sundown.

I believe, by actually stopping and enjoying the view, can you really appreciate Paris more than just zooming through landmarks. As tourists (as busy people really) we go from one place to another trying to see as much things we could see that we forgot to stop and just appreciate these things.

Eiffel Tower at Night

This is what we were waiting for. We took a boat ride along Seine River for €20 each after sundown. The ride was great but expect it to be packed. You would want to make sure that you’re at the 2nd floor / open area. During our ride, we passed by a lot of people just chilling on the side of the river and the most awesome thing is that they are excited to see a bunch of tourists on a boat so they start waving at us. Of course we couldn’t help but wave back.


Home Time Drama

I should give a bit of a background. since Day 1, We were always being warned to keep the Métro Ticket with us until we step out of the station or else, you’ll pay a €70 fine if Métro Control catches you without one. This I’ve done for the past few days and no Métro Control was sighted.

Heading home we took the Métro with Tita Mabel and Tita Inday. As I usually do: I inserted the ticket, entered through the turnstile, then safely placed the ticket on my left pocket (where my phone usually is). At this point I’ve saved up all of my previous tickets from almost every ride. Then I casually took out my phone to check Instagram / FB or something to pass the time so I dont fall asleep. When we reached our final station, guess who’s waiting by the exit. Yep, Métro Control.

I tried to take out the ticket from my left pocket and got weirded out that it wasn’t there. So I thought “maybe I moved it to a different pocket” So I took all the tickets out from my pocket and gave it all to the Métro Control guy and unfortunately none of them worked.

At this point I’m kinda getting some cold sweats because I could swear I pocketed the tiny ticket. I prayed to Jesus to help me in this situation because, who’d want to throw away €70.

Right then and there, my prayer was answered.  Before I got fined, Tita Inday greeted one of the control guys! She knew him from awhile back and he took over from the guy who’s about to fine me and said “Okay, I’ll let you go for now. Next time always keep your ticket with you till you exit the station”.

Phew!!! Very very thankful to Jesus and to Tita Inday for saving me from the Métro Control guys. I guess this is a good time to give some tips if ever you’re gonna go to Paris

Lessons Learned / Tips:
  1. Make sure you keep the ticket with you: Basically treat this as your Proof of Payment. If you don’t have it then Métro Control will think you did not pay.
  2. Throw out old tickets: As soon as you pass the exit turnstiles / gates, throw the old ticket out. This will help you not get confused which ticket is used for your current trip.
  3. If you do lose it. Pray you wont get fined: Prayer works guys. I’ve had so many situations that after I prayed, Jesus provided an answer. It may not always be the answer that we like, but His answers are always for our benefit.

I guess this would be the best time to thank the people who made this trip more adventurous and allowed us to visit most of the places we thought we wont be able to go to


I would like to thank Nolen, Christian, Tita Mabel, and Tita Inday for making our trip full of laughter. They’re the ones who helped us and toured us during our stay in Paris. Thank you very much everyone! Hope to see you guys here in Toronto soon!


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