Paris – Amsterdam Trip – Day 4 (Paris)

Oh Mannn.. it’s been a while since I got to write and I apologize for not being able to update you guys as much as I should be. Life happens and I got busy over the past few weeks. But wait no longer… it’s time for the Day 4 of our trip!

Our Day 4 trip landed on a Monday and our Parisian Family had to go to work on this day so this is the time where we decided to actually explore and go inside different places we want to explore. Most of the places we went to during Days 1 – 3 we’re just us taking pictures of the outside. If you haven’t read the previous days yet, go check them out here:

Château de Versailles

We were so excited on going to this place and we’ve heard so many good stories of how beautiful it is inside. What we did was we woke up early, hopped on the subway and went straight to Versailles.

Before we got on the subway, we bought special tickets to take RER C. Go to a ticket booth on one of the subway stations and ask for tickets to Versailles. Just note that 1 ticket will allow you to use the Subway and the RER C. I mentioned this because you'll need to exit the Subway to take RER C.

We took Line 4 (Étienne Marcel -> Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame) and then RER C Train: VICK30Versailles-Château-RG (Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame -> Gare de Versailles Château Rive Gauche)

To our surprise, there was not a lot of people. We got very excited that we got the place to ourselves. We rushed to one of the ticket booths around Versailles and lined up to get our tickets. BUT GUESS WHAT?! They’re closed on Mondays due to renovations 😥.

We were really disappointed because it was not stated anywhere: their Website, pamphlets or signs.

Tip: Call ahead before you go. Ensure they're open on the day you're planning to go to Versailles. That way you will not get disappointed like we were

BUT we did not let that get in the way of enjoying the day. Some parts of the garden was open and it was big enough for us to walk around and enjoy the scenery. And of course, we took a lot of pictures (Click or tap the pictures to make it bigger)

We spent almost all of our morning just walking around and enjoying the view. We also brought our own Lunch / Snacks so we decided to have a picnic here 😁. After having our picnic we decided to walk around town and see if we can get any souvenirs. There’s a few shops across the Train Station. (Good thing they’re open 😁).

We decided to go back to the apartment because my Dad is not feeling well and would like to rest up for the day.

After dropping him off, we went to the Opéra

Inside the Opéra

If you remember, the day before, we planned to go inside Opéra but was not able to because we reached the place a minute after they closed. I’m so glad that we went inside because this place is just beautiful. There wasn’t much good lighting in the place so i was not able to take much pictures using my camera.

After the Opéra, we went to a shopping mall around the area and decided to spend the rest of the day there. My feet were killing me at this point hahaha. PLEASE WEAR VERY COMFY SHOES. I’m already wearing my comfy shoes and my feet still hurts.

That is it for Our Day 4. I hope you guys enjoyed it. On Day 5, we’ll be heading to a different country 😀


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