Paris – Amsterdam Trip – Day 6

Almost to the end of this series! Before I continue with Day 6, I just want to say how thankful I am for you. Yes, you! Thanks for reading my posts or browsing through my pictures! I’d like to ask you a favour. It would be great to know what you think of this series and what other improvements or things you’d like to see! So if you don’t mind, can you comment or send me a message? Also, If you liked this series, help a brother out and share my this post or any other post you liked 😁.

That’s it! let’s move on to the next part of this trip!

Anne Frank Huis

If you were to ask me “what’s the most memorable place you went to during this trip?” I’d probably say the Anne Frank House. This is probably the most informative, immersive, and heartbreaking place I’ve ever been to for the entire trip. The experience would really change your perspective. This house is the actual house where Anne and her family lived in hiding and they’ve renovated it and made it into a museum. Unfortunately I have no pictures while I was inside (except for the cafe) because they do not allow photographs during the tour. Once inside, one of the attendants will scan your ticket and then give you an audio device that you will use all through out the tour.

Travel tip: Try to book this museum months before you go as this gets fully booked in a snap. Just to give you perspective, we booked ours 3-4 months before the trip.

After the tour, you’ll be greeted with a book store, cafe, and a theater showing multiple influential / famous people reflecting on Anne Frank’s experience. I suggest you listen in even for a few minutes.

After we’re done and have returned the audio devices back to the attendant, we exited to the back side of the museum which revealed the actual facade of Anne Frank’s house. Here’s where we started taking pictures.

I am Amsterdam Sign

After taking pictures in front of Anne Frank’s house, we started walking (yes walking) towards the I am Amsterdam sign (I amsterdam? I am groot).

Now since this is almost lunch time, there’s a lot of people taking pictures in front of it as you can see from my pictures. I would think if we were here a bit earlier (say, 7am) it would have had less people and you’ll get more time to pose yourself.

So the I Amsterdam sign is around the Museum district where different museums which houses multiple artists’ works displayed are within walking distance. If you’re interested to see works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Gogh, and others, this is the right place for you. This hub has a ticket booth that sells all tickets for all the Museum in this district.

Heineken Experience

If you didn’t know, Heineken (yes, the beer) originated in Amsterdam. It’ll be a waste if you go to Amsterdam and not go to Heineken Experience. Here, you’ll be touring one of Amsterdam’s used-to-be Brewery which they remodeled and used as their Historical Museum and an Interactive Playground which will let you experience how the beer is brewed, what ingredients are involved and many more in a fun and cool environment

Travel Tip: If you're planning to go, buy your tickets online prior to going for the trip. They have timed tickets and you can pick the date and time when you're planning to go. Lining up would take you hours before you reach the till. 

As I said earlier it’s historical and also interactive. Once you go inside, you’ll be greeted by a tour guide that would walk you through each room and each level and tell you a detailed story about where Heineken started and how they are now today. Some parts of the tour would let you grind your own barley, taste the barley while it’s being steeped, and they’ll let you taste their Wort. “Ew, what’s Wort” It’s actually water + Barley which is the base sweetener of the Beer. It actually tastes good.

Once you’re done with the tour, they have an area where you can create your own Customized Heineken Beers which you can pick up before leaving the facility.

A’dam Lookout

A’dam Lookout is one of Amsterdam’s famous building. It has a 360° Lookout where you can dine and view the whole city while eating. It also has a Swing at the very top of the building for all you thrill seekers out there. To go there, you’ll have to take a ferry that costs $0 (yes, you read that right. it’s free). The Ferry Station can be found at, you guessed it, Amsterdam Centraal. It’s a bit of a walk from the station itself but it’s there. You’ll be riding the ferry alongside all the bicycle riders that’s looking to get to the other side of the river.

One of the cool things we did here was to ride their Swing. Watch the video below to get a preview of the swing

They’ll create this one for you as a preview. Of course you can buy the whole thing and watch your reactions or if you want to relive the experience.

Strolling around

After we’re done at the A’dam lookout, we just strolled around since it was night time. Amsterdam at Sunset is beautiful. I unfortunately did not bring my camera to capture this beauty and my Phone camera does not do it justice. Learn from my mistake and bring your Camera!


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